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Please follow the 6-steps below in order to apply for a Federal Work-Study job. All steps in the process must be completed before you may begin working and you must be cleared by the Office of Financial Aid and Career Services.  If you fail to complete the process, you may run the risk of losing your FWS eligibility.

1. Resume
One of the most important documents that you will need upon graduation, besides your diploma, is a resume. The resume is a “snap shot” of your current and previous work experience, volunteer experience and skill sets that you will need for employment.
Other reasons for a resume:
• To outline your skills and experiences and clarify direction, qualifications and strengths.
• Use to apply for internships, graduate or professional schools, fellowships or scholarships.
• Provide background information to job-hunting contacts and professional references or to give to contacts during informational interviews.

Student Financial Services and Career Services have teamed up to instill the fundamental necessity and importance of having a resume. Our offices would like students to have a solid and effective resume upon graduation. Therefore, in order to apply for employment through the Federal Work-Study program, students must construct a resume, once you have accepted your FWS award .It’s also important to note that we are here to help you. Your resume may be limited with information at first, but by the time you graduate, you should have a resume that will help market your skill sets as you prepare to enter the job market. *FWS can be considered an employment experience on your resume.

2. Registration

Visit the Averett University Career Services webpage.

  1. Under “Jobs for Cougars”, click on “Students”.
  2. Fill out the online registration form and make sure to submit the information.
  3. Once your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email with your log-in information. Please be patient as it may take up to 48 hours for our office to verify your information.

3. Resume Process

  1. Once your information is verified, you will receive a follow up email with your log-in and password information.
  2. Visit Averett University Career Services webpage and click on “Jobs for Cougars”. Enter your username and password.
  3. You have now successfully logged in and will need to upload a resume.
  4. On the right side under “Getting Started”, click on resume.
  5. Label your resume with your full name. Make sure "Document type" is resume. Upload your resume and click submit.
  6. Once your resume has been submitted, our office will verify and approve it may take up to 48 hours. You will receive an email stating that your resume has been updated.

4. Hiring Process

  1. Once you resume has been updated and you have received confirmation, you can now search for Work-Study jobs.
  2. On your homepage, at the top you can highlight “Jobs” in the blue area and click on “Jobs for Cougars”.
  3. In the “Position Type”, pull down the drop-down box and choose "Work-study". Click "Search."
  4. This will generate a list of work-study jobs at Averett University.
  5. You may view jobs that interest you. When you find a job that you would like to apply for simply click “Apply”. This will submit your resume to the department supervisor for that job.
  6. At some point, the department supervisor should contact you regarding the employment. Department supervisors will email the FWS Coordinator who they have hired and a contract will be emailed to the supervisor from FWS Coordinator. You will need to accept, sign, and return the contract to the FWS Coordinator.

5. Forms

  1. Before you begin working, ALL forms must be completed. Many of these forms are consistent when you apply for a job with any employer here or in an outside job market. This step ensures that Averett University is compliant with all laws regarding employment in the United States and that upon payday, you will not have any issues receiving your paycheck.
  2. Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) This form is used to verify your eligibility to work in the United States. You must also provide two forms of identification. The following are acceptable and often used: driver's license or state ID card, U.S. Passport, social security card or a copy of your birth certificate.
  3. Federal Form (W-4) This form is used to determine one’s marital status and to determine the appropriate amount of income tax to withhold.
  4. Virginia Form (VA-4) This form is used to determine the appropriate amount of income tax to withhold.
  5. Direct Deposit Enrollment Form-This form authorizes Averett University to deposit your funds into your checking or savings account. You must also attach a copy of a voided check or attach a copy of your checking account and routing number provided by your bank. It is mandatory to have direct deposit or you will not be paid.

 6. Final

Once all steps have been completed, you will be cleared and allowed to begin working. Best Wishes!

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